Top 3 mistakes that make you lose potential clients

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You know, effective websites are based on two things: Art 🎨 + Science 🔬 .

Design matters, but you can’t ignore the content either. You also need to know the psychology of specific colours, design elements, and website structures to make your web pages convert. I know exactly how it feels when you ignore these things.

You spend weeks or even months coming up with a website that you think looks decent, just to see after a while that nobody is taking the action you want them to take. You are in love with your own creation but are embarrassed about the results.

So one day, I jumped on Google and tried to find out what other companies are doing to convert more visitors into customers.

Shortly afterward I found myself scrolling through countless of case studies from other companies and their A/B testing results. You know, when they compare the results of page A to the results of page B and see which converts better. And it sounds reasonable to make the same changes to your website and expect similar results, right?

Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Mistake #1: Just because it works for them, it works for us as well

There are definitely some design rules that you don’t want to break. Apart from them, it is almost impossible to predict what works and doesn’t for your business. It might just work for their industry, or it only worked because they already created a brand and people trusted the business to deliver on their promise. Just because others can do it, it doesn’t mean that you can.

What works for your email subscribers or people who already know you might not work at all when you send cold Facebook traffic to your page. You get the point. What that means is that you need to keep testing and learn for yourself.

Mistake #2: Let’s get crazy and test every aspect of the page

With more advanced marketing tools and tracking capabilities, it became more and more popular to make data-driven decisions. And I don’t say that you should only rely on your gut feeling, but some people get too crazy about the details like button colors or specific words in the copy before they tested the overall concept of the page.

Try to get started with two very different versions of your page to get the big wins in your conversion optimization strategy, and then you can focus on the details. Another button colour might improve your conversion rate by 0.1 percentage points, whereas a completely different site structure and colors can improve it by 100%.

Mistake #3: Start optimising the wrong pages.

Not every page on your website is equally important. Go to your Google Analytics account and check which are your top landing pages. This is where you get started because very often it’s not your homepage.

In fact, for most businesses, the homepage is not the page with the highest traffic. If you run advertising campaigns, it’s probably a landing page optimized for lead generation (hopefully you don’t send them to your homepage). And if you maintain a company blog, it’s very likely a blog article that drives the most amount of traffic.

Start where you have the most significant leverage, and you can see results quickly. I really hope that helps to take the right steps towards a more effective website and higher conversions.

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